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Music is at the forefront of the multi-faceted world of the Persian arts, and as a venerable tradition, is of profound depth and great interest to art lovers the whole world over.

The fact that Persian music does not give up its mysteries and secrets to a merely superficial investigation, only adds to the desire for comprehension and there is much to be discovered.

For anyone wishing to use Persian music to truly communicate and connect to the hearts of others, one must go beyond mere technique and theory, and only then might one achieve the summits of this great art form. It is truly the work of a lifetime.
It is for the above, that we are seeing a growing number of people in the West turning to our beautiful music and that is why we established SAZYAR as a focal point for lovers and admirers of Persian music, not only as a profound and ancient style of music, but also as a statement of a respectful way of life.

What we can offer you at Sazyar:

·         Consultancy service:
As a first point of contact, please feel free to contact us about your requirements, we can then present you with the most detailed and professional information for your consideration. Only when you are satisfied will we proceed with your requests.
·         Musical instruments:
Daf, Tobmbak, Nei, Santour, Qanun, Tanbour, Dotar, Setar, Tar, Violin, Kamancheh, Oud, Shurangiz, Keimand and Hafez. Some are available and some need to be ordered.
·         Accessories and Rescue kits:
Frets (Natural and Catgut), Bridges, Strings, peg lubricants, nail hardeners, etc.
·         Books and Media:
Books, CDs, Videos, etc.

We are dedicated to introduce and promote Eastern and ethnics culture to the world especially Persian Music.

Respecting all national and international rules and regulations, we believe in a BORDERLESS WORLD and we respect all cultures, religions, nations and skin colors as a strict policy. We do not belong to ANY political minority or majority in our world and therefore POLITICAL topics and interests are and will always be prohibited in Sazyar.


-       To increase the number of admirers and lovers of Persian Music in the world and introducing it as a way of becoming a better human being.
-       To have repair and maintenance agents in all the main cities of the world for Persian musical instrument.
-       To become the first INTERNATIONAL Persian Musical consultancy service provider.
-       To become the premier online Persian musical instrument supplier.
-       To become the first total solution provider in Persian musical culture.
(A total solution to the diffusion of Persian music that would comprise the following; consultation, repair etc: introducing, consulting, repair, maintenance, sales, after sales, creativity, physical workshops, concerts and all related services)