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Originality of ALL our instruments are guaranteed and certified.

In order to return, you have 7 days to apply for a return - unless not mentioned in your invoice or agreed in advance . Applying for return, we need the following documents:
  • written letter : explaining why your shipment is not of your interest and want to apply for return.
  • At least 5 photos or videos , as a mandatory requirement. We would instruct you how to take your photos or videos, after your first correspondence.
  • Shipment documents and any other proofing documents.
Returning the Shipment in good health - as it has been received - is the responsibility of the purchaser. 
Return payment would be made, after confirmation of the shipment in proper condition.

EXCEPTION: Vintage instruments are exceptions in all aspects. Due to extremely exclusivity of them, we have no return, unless originality or damage would be the case. We need documents with shipment agencies, detailed photos, videos, etc. , however a written letter is needed.