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Our Quality Policy

We believe all art lovers, deserve good musical instrument, however location and payments will always limit our wish. In order to feed your concerns as you deserve, you always have access to assess your instrument through photos, videos and of course sound files.
- All our instruments are ALWAYS checked and inspected before dispatch by a trusted musician and for instruments over USD 2000, the certificate for the same will be issued accordingly. The same certificate would be an option for many of our instrument, as an option, Please ask us.
- All our instruments are selected and advised, based on your verbal or written information we have received from you in advance, unless you have selected them on your own. In any case, we highly recommend you to provide us about the geographical information of your place.
- For all musical instruments, you should have ACTUAL information or SAMPLE information(Photo, Video and sound), based on availability and some other factors. In all files, you would be able to check which one is actual and which one is sample.
- Musical instruments are very tender and hard to act properly. Exposure to heat, cold, sun and mainly humidity would take your loved instrument into high risk and for many cases severe damage. In case you have respected all these rules (Proper information will be sent to you after purchase), you will have one year guarantee, unless not mentioned or users’ commitments not met.