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Order & Shipment

Please note that there are two sorts of photos, videos and sound files, corresponding each item: SAMPLE and ACTUAL tags are very critical for our visitors, prior to their purchase. Normally, more valuable instruments have their ACTUAL tags.

We currently, collect payments through Paypal. You would be notified of our Paypal account, after we will recieve your email, notifying us of your required items and your location. Correspondingly, you will receive our final offer, including shipment cost and our Paypal account will be forwarded to you shortly.
In most cases, you will receive bonus items, mainly rescue kits for your loved instrument.

For most cases, Orders are available in stock and will be handled right after your payment is received. Shipment will be handled normally within 3-5 days.

For some other orders, our master instrument makers need time to prepare it for you. Time range tags would let you know the estimated handling time for shipment, however we always have wished to have them prepared for you earlier than promised.