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Mahmood Hakim Hashemi

Date: 2019-10-07
Mahmood Hakim Hashemi (1945 – 1976) has been one of the most famous contemporary Setar buiders.
He first learned violin in school art and then learned Setar from Maestro Ahmad Ebadi. He then fell in love with Setar building and learned Setar building from Eshghi(Mohamad Navaii) and used Haj Taher’s patterns.
Mahmood Hakim Hashemi was a real human, humble with a soft heart and as for profession, very dedicated and detail oriented in Setar building, what made his works flawless and focus of attention. He has just built about 80 Setars in his life but all of them are considered as a gem and in hand of big Setar players now. Just to name a few recordings/performances by his Setars: Torkaman(Hosein Alizadeh), Homayoun and Paikoubi performance(Hosein Alizadeh), Jooie Noghreh(Behdad Babai), Duet performance of Hosein Alizadeh and Masoud Shoari,  Parand by Jalal Zolfonoun, Karvan Saba by Masoud Shoari, Shabahang by Masoud Shoari, Raz va Niaz by Hosein Alizadeh and Masound Shoari.